Charlie the Tree Guy

We are open for the season with all new staff

Please be patient

Open Monday to Saturday  8am - 4pm


  Gift certificates and maple syrup are always available

Due to high numbers of phone calls

a lot of calls can't be answered.

Please send a short text or email and they will be answered when

we have some spare time. Thank you for your understanding.










Thinking about adding some leafy shade to your backyard, but don’t know how?

Dreaming of a fruit orchard boasting a variety of delicious fruit?

Or have you discovered a rare, obsolete tree species online and despair of ever finding such a tree in Nova

Scotia? Despair no more – Charlie the Tree Guy has answers galore. 

Come visit our nursery and we will help you find the perfect tree or shrub to help turn your house and yard

into a home!

Click here to contact Charlie the Tree Guy


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