Highbush Cranberry

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The Natives of Canada used many parts of highbush cranberry for both food and medicine.  The berries are high in vitamin C and were eaten fresh or made into pemmican. The bright red fruit was also used for ink and a dye for clothing.The bark and leaves, which contain a bitter tasting chemical called viburnine, were boiled into teas and used as sedatives and pain relievers. Settlers used the berries mainly for jelly and juice, and these continue to be the main uses of the fruit today.  The berries can also be used in pies, sauces, liqueurs, and wine.  Each berry has a large, heart shaped seed in the centre, making it more suited for use as a processed fruit rather than fresh.


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Latin NameViburnum trilobum
Common NameHighbush Cranberry
Max Height15ft
Max Width8-10ft

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