Chippewa Highbush Blueberry

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A very hardy hybrid blueberry with a compact habit and good fall color, produces huge crops of large, sweet light blue fruit in mid summer; all blueberries require highly acidic soils, excellent drainage and a good mulch, plant with plenty of peat moss.Chippewa Blueberry has green foliage throughout the season. The glossy oval leaves turn an outstanding orange in the fall. It features dainty clusters of white bell-shaped flowers with shell pink overtones hanging below the branches in mid spring. It features an abundance of magnificent blue berries in mid summer, which are excellent for fresh eating, cooking and baking and making jams and jellies. This variety requires a different selection of the same species growing nearby in order to set fruit.

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Latin NameVaccinium 'Chippewa'
Common NameChippewa Highbush Blueberry
Max Height3ft
Max Width4ft

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