Cinderella Haskap

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These plants produce a fabulous tasting fruit that is hard to describe. Some say it tastes like a cross between a raspberry and blueberry, but we feel that it is truly unique. There is much demand for this fruit in Japan for the long-held belief of its nutritional benefits. It has been proven that there are several health benefits to those who consume this berry. Haskap berries are high in vitamin C and a great source of antioxidants.
The Cinderella is the newest release to the market place.  The bushes are a bit smaller than the other varieties, but the fruit a bit larger.  Drought, pest and disease resistant.  Perfect for any backyard or for full orchard.  Super for fresh eating or making jams and jellies. Some believe these berries taste like wild blueberries, and others taste a hint of black currant.You must have two varieties for cross pollination.  Up to 5 plants in one variety and then at least one plant in another for pollination.
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Latin NameLonicera edulis 'Cinderella'
Common NameCinderella Haskap
Max Height3ft
Max Width3ft

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